MobIR® M8 Unique Mobile-like IR Thermographic Camera

The MobIR M8 is the latest innovative infrared camera developed by Guide infrared. Compact and accurate, this efficient infrared camera is equipped with 50Hz refresh rate, 2Mpixels CMOS, touch screen, auto focus function and IR video recording function. You can carry this small-sized camera just like a cell phone.

Applications of MobIR® M8 IR Thermographic Camera
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Electricity inspections
  • Building diagnostics
  • Veterinary diagnostics
Features and Benefits of MobIR® M8 IR Thermographic Camera
  • Robust and solid design
  • High quality touch screen
  • 2.0Mega CMOS
  • Infra Fusion technology
  • AGT Auto Gate Technology
  • Auto focus for both IR and visual image
  • 5 operation Modes
  • Unique holding methods
  • Super-long working time
  • 50Hz/60Hz high image frequency rate
  • License free & rapid delivery

Technical Specifications of MobIR® M8 IR Thermographic Camera
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Measurement distance and FOV