D-221G/B Night Vision Goggles/Binoculars

• Stereoscopic Night Vision Goggle/Binocular

• Gen II+

• Redundant dueal-tube design

• Built-in IR Illuminator

• Automatic Brightness Control

• Wide exit pupil design

• Handheld or hands-free operation

• Light weight, compact, weather resistant

The D-221 (Gen 2+) high performance, modular, hand-held night vision goggle uses dual image intensifier tubes to provide crisp, clear images in the darkest conditions.

Includes advanced features of automatic brightness and gain control. Each image tube operates independently, providing excellent redundancy. The unique patented design eliminates any need for interpupillary adjustment and reduces the size and weight of the unit. An integrated near IR illuminator enhances the ability to operate the goggle in confined spaces
The D-221G Goggle with 1x objectives and 40° field of view attaches quickly to a headgear assembly for hands-free use. With replaced front objectives, the goggle converts easily into the powerful D-221B 3.6x night vision Binocular.

The D-221 is the most affordable stereoscopic night vision goggle/binocular currently available on the market.
• Image Intensifier - Generation II+
• Resolution - 51-70 lp/mm
• Magnification - 1x Goggles / 3.6x Binocular
• Lens System - G26mm f1.2 / B80mm f1.6
• FOV - G40 deg. / B15 deg.
• @ 1000 yards - G2184' (728m ) / B790'
• Range of Focus - 25cm to infinity
• Detection Range - G738' (225m) / B902' (G2+)
• Recognition Range - G492' (150m)/B656' (G2+)
• Diopter Adjustment +4 to -4
• Weather Resistant
• IR Illuminator
• Dimensions - 114mm x 114mm x 64 mm
• Weight - G538g / B35 oz
• Operating Temperature -20deg C to + 45deg C
• Warranty 2 years
Optional Accessories
• IR Remote pressure Switch
• IR Variable Power Switch (3 position)
• IR-75 Mid-Range IR illuminator (805nm)
• IR-K3 Extra Long-Range IR Illuminator (805nm)
• IR-K2 Pro Extra Long-Range IR Illuminator (805nm)
• Mil Spec Night Vision Adapter

Kit Components
• Flip-ip headmount Assembly (Goggles)
• Soft Carrying Case
• Image Tube Data Sheet
• Operator Manual
• Hard Travel/Storage Case