Firefighting FireFitIR-Series Cameras

The Guide Infrared FireFitIR series of cameras have been designed and built to aid fire fighters work safely and effectively in the most dangerous and life saving of environments. Built using flame and heat protective material. It is ruggardised and proven in the field to be reliable and durable. The cameras can measure and display temperatures and alarms set on temperature thresholds which are tools that the fire fighters can take advantage of.

Infrared Cameras used for Firefighting

Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero emits infrared radiation. The hotter an object is, the more infrared radiation it emits. This kind of invisible infrared radiation penetrates smokes and dusts. In a fire, thermal imagers could be applied to catch these invisible waves and translate into a viewable image, which is called thermal image. With an infrared camera, firefighter can see through smoke, enabling them to find victims, locate the fire earlier and detect the structural dangers. Besides, thermal imager could also help to detect the abnormal temperature changes for electrical installations, which is very important for daily firefighting inspection.

Search and Rescue
Searching and rescuing have been difficult jobs for firefighters. Traditionally, firefighters crawl on their hands and knees and grope their way through blinding smoke to find unconscious victims. This has been a dangerous way because firefighters have to rely on physical contact to locate victims. However, with thermal imagers, firefighters could see the scene and identify victims very quickly through the smoke and darkness. They could take immediate action to rescue the ones in danger and the fortunes in the fire.

Fire Attack
With the help of the thermal imager, firefighter could identify the fire source, the location of the fire and take prompt action. Besides, thermal imager can also help find hidden fires and ensure the safety.

Firefighting Inspection
The traditional fire supervision and inspection is mainly based on experience to determine if the fire danger possibly exists. With the help of thermal imager, a tester could quickly find the hidden danger. Any failure information related to chemical production facilities, pipelines, equipment, storage equipment, etc., can be tested by thermal imager to find the possible fire danger. It is really a most effective high-tech inspection tool for fire safety investigation.

GUIDIR® HT11 Firefighting Helmet Mounted Thermal Imager
Lightweight and easy to operate, the HT firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager is the third eye for the firefighters. The thermal imager sets the hands free, and offers clear and crisp thermal image for the fighters through clouds of smoke, which can greatly increase the rescuing efficiency and ensure their safety. The wireless video transmission equipment also allows seeing inside the fire incident for an immediate and most authorised decision.

GUIDIR®HD11 Firefighting Handheld Thermal Imager
With GUIDIR HD11/32 firefighting thermal imaging system, you can quickly locate the source of a fire and make timely decision to minimise the damage of the jeopardy. HD11/32 could also be applied for finding missing person or navigating in a smoke filled room or passage. It could improve safety and efficiency in search and rescue operations with unique video capturing and storage function. Besides, the wireless video transmission equipment is also available to deliver first hand information to the command centre for an immediate decision.

The development for the future is the wireless video transmission which will allow senior incident commanders to be able to see, as well as hear, the firefighter and allow the commander to have real time live images of the incident, making his job to make critical decisions that bit easier. And with the capability to record directly onto the removeable SD card means the footage can be used for any investigations or training.