MarinIR Thermal Imaging Navigation Assistant System

The MarinIR Series combines high resolution thermal camera with visual camera, laser dazzler, laser illuminator and othermulti-sensor (GPS, Radar, Compass) to meet various requirements such as targets searching and tracking. MarinIR is designed for the harsh maritime environment and can observe and record in the day and night.

Both yachts and merchant ships need advanced technology equipments for better security guarantee during sailing or berth in a bay. Thermal imaging systems monitor what is happening, foresee what is going to happen. They give clear, vivid thermal image which is easy to understand. They are much easier to use than radars, but can complement the information you get from the radar screen.

Features and Benifits
  • Modularized design. The module can be disassembled and installed singly, convenience for updating of the system.
  • Ultra-stable accuracy gyro stabilisation system, well performance in image stabilisation and target tracking function in the the harsh maritime environment.
  • Round-the-clock 24 hours/7 days constant surveillance and tracking via the thermal and visual camera
  • Long video recording by the super capacity DVR
  • Function expand: Integrated with laser dazzler, laser illuminator,connected with radar,GPS and Compass
  • Excellent protection performance - Military three-protective and sealed design, in favour of long term usage in the harsh maritime environment.

When an approaching target is presented on your radar screen this could be a threat, a real danger. The use of the MarinIR cameras with its Thermal imaging allows you to have visual image of the target which will give you the information needed to make a crucial decision before it is too late.

Iceberg detection
Icebergs can cause damage to a boat/ship even the cause of sinking. However with the use of the MarinIR it is possible to clearly see the iceberg with the use of the Thermal imager, which will aid in navigation to avoid collisions.

Oil spill detection
Oil spills are environmental hazards. The spills are floating on the surface of the water, which may have been the result of an accident but also when refuelling of loading/offloading fuel tankers. With spillage floating on the surface of the water, it because very clear for the thermal imager to see it.

Man overboard
In this most serious of incidents, it is imperative to try to locate the person or person who have fallen overboard or even had to abandon ship before hypothermia sets in. Using the Thermal image will aid in the search and rescue of people.

Seeing at night
The use of the thermal image will aid captains to be able to navigate safely and confidently at night entering and leaving ports and harbours. 

Shipboard security
On board ships and other vessels are many valuable items and many which are attractive to the individuals who may wish to steel them. Using the MarinIR will help to increase your on-board security.

MarinIR Thermal Imaging Navigation Assistant System Specifications.