Fire-FitIR HD11 Firefighting Thermal Imaging System

With GUIDIR®HD11/32 firefighting thermal imaging system, you can quickly locate the source of a fire and make timely decision to minimize the damage of the jeopardy. HD11/32 could also be applied for finding missing person or navigating in a smoke filled room or passage. It could improve safety and efficiency in search and rescue operations with unique video capturing and storage function. Besides, the wireless video transmission equipment is also available to deliver first hand information to the command center for an immediate decision.

Applications of GUIDIR®HD11 Firefighting Thermal Imaging System
  • Search and rescue
  • Situational firefighting
  • Routine fire-prevention inspection

Features and Benefits of GUIDIR®HD11 Firefighting Thermal Imaging System
  • Small size, lightweight design
  • High thermal sensitivity & precise temperature measurement
  • Bright widescreen display
  • Exclusive thermal imaging colour technology
  • Super red hot pinpoints fire source and progression
  • Durable under the most extreme situations

Technical Specifications of GUIDIR®HD11 Firefighting Thermal Imaging System