2-1GUIDIR®IR519 Monocular Handheld Thermal Imager

IR519 is a monocular handheld thermal imager that enables swift detailed imaging for either fixed or mobile target. It is equipped with top IR thermal vision technology that enables complete visibility in total darkness over long distance. Indeed, IR519 is an ideal tool for security professionals, law enforcement agencies and safety departments.

Features and Benefits of GUIDIR®IR519 Thermal Imager
  • 384*288 pixels high-resolution uncooled FPA technology
  • Electronic zoom 2X, 4X by interpolation (no Mosaic)
  • Long-distance detection
  • Versatile & portable
  • Crisp & sharp long range imaging
  • Plug-and-play compatibility
  • License free & rapid delivery

Technical Specifications of GUIDIR®IR519 Thermal Imager
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