Security and Surveillance Systems

Commercial Vision Systems. A range of camera/imaging products for the security and surveillance market, fire fighting and maritime. Infrared Cameras compliment and complete the CCTV/Security by giving you the power to see targets and potential threats that would be invisible to conventional CCTV cameras even those using other forms of lighting or illuminations such as IR lights. The Guide Thermal cameras will give you full situational awareness and can be implemented into legacy or new build installation, integrated with other technology to make the whole system fully automotive and a proactive solution. Thermal imaging is a great asset in the application fields of Maritime, Perimeter Detection, Asset Protection, and General Security etc.

Applications: Perimeter security monitoring, Industrial monitoring, Critical Infrastructures, Airports, ports & harbours, Forest fire prevention, Mobile patrols, Drivers vision system, Modules, etc.

Government Systems. A range of products and systems used by the military and governments for land, air and sea applications. Infrared cameras are a passive detection system that will allow for the visualisation of the unseen to be seen and present, it is a vivid and clear image from short to long distance in fog, haze, smoke, rain, snow and total darkness environment. Thermal imagers offer you 24 hours security monitoring 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Search and Rescue, Force Protection, Drivers/Navigation Aid, Airborne , Maritime , Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Boarder & Coastal Protection, etc.

KnightIR SF Infrared Safety Monitoring System
The infrared safety monitoring system belongs to Guide Infrared affordable SF-series and is highly compatible. It employs the security industries' standard interfaces for power and video connections. Different lenses and holder options are available to suit specific requirements. The design of the infrared safety monitoring system guarantees round-the-clock safety monitoring with a smooth high frequency image, even in the harshest environments. The image is further enhanced digitally to ensure properly contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions.

KnightIR MF Multifunctional IR Monitoring System
The multifunctional IR monitoring system has been designed for advanced security and surveillance with the capability of digital video networks transmission. It is compatible with standard interfaces in the security industry to facilitate integration. Various lenses options and PTZ platforms are available for the multifunctional IR monitoring system allowing for a multitude of applications in the fields of protection and supervision.

KnightIR DS Dual Sensor IR & Visual Monitoring System
The dual sensor IR and visual monitoring system is designed to meet the combination demand of sharply visible sensor and top-end thermal sensor. With the function of online video transmission, it is compatible with the standard interfaces to facilitate any integration. They have HD visual and IR video with rotary PTZ control and full 360 degrees security surveillance with no blind areas.

KnightIR IP Camera Thermal Network Camera
The thermal network camera system is the perfect solution for all the requirements of 24/7 security and surveillance. The camera uses thermal imaging which allows users to detect people, objects and incidents in complete darkness or difficult conditions like smoke, haze, dust and light fog with option for multiple lenses.

GUIDIR® IR2107 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera
Guide, a thermal camera manufacturer and supplier, presents stationary thermal security series for long range searching and detection. Seeing through smoke, fog and total darkness, IR2107 thermal camera is particularly suitable to be applied against any shadiness or illegality. It is an ideal tool for property management companies, police offices and other law enforcement agencies.

GUIDIR® IR2137 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera
The dual-FOV stationary thermal surveillance camera is used for WFOV for wide scope search and NFOV for target details recognition. It's applied to secure limits with long range searching and detection, ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders. The stationary thermal surveillance camera has 384 × 288 pixels high-resolution and 25μm uncooled FPA technology.

GUIDIR®IR2150 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera
IR2150 stationary thermal surveillance camera is a kind of thermal camera which is suitable for both wide scope search (WFOV) and target details recognnization (NFOV). With high performance electronics and optics, this thermal camera is able to work in smoke, fog and total darkness. It is an ideal choice for long range searching, detecting application in costal or land borders.

GUIDIR®IR136 Cooled Long Range Thermal Camera
IR136 high resolution thermal camera is equipped with high sensitivity 3rd generation HgCdTe cooled FPA detector which provides effective solutions for night vision, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Particularly suitable for long-range detection, it could be applied to both stationary locations and moving vehicles.

GUIDIR®IR627- Cooled Long Range Thermal Camera
Guide IR627- features dual- FOV optics and high resolution imaging performance. It is suitable to be applied for both long range surveillance and accurate targeting through smoke, fog and total darkness in various climatic and weather conditions.

GUIDIR®IR320L Continuous Focusing Surveillance Thermal Viewer
IR320M is a thermal viewer that features unique continuous zoom capacity which enables fast target recognition, situational awareness and long range detection in one system. Equipped with intelligent program, this thermal viewer is enhanced on image performance with functions like sky-ground mode, electronic image stabilisation, etc. It could work in any harsh environment and is a best choice for long range coastal surveillance and border security.

GUIDIR®IR600 Cooled Long Range Thermal Camera
With 600mm lens and intelligent program, IR600 provides unparalleled detection range performance and image quality. It is capable of providing fast situational awareness and target recognization with the wide, medium and narrow filed of view in one system. The rugged and sealed design enables this thermal camera to work under any harsh circumstances. IR600 is therefore, particularly suitable for long range coastal and border surveillance.

GUIDIR® IR 23x Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera
The IR23X long range thermal surveillance camera features high sensitivity HgCdTe cooled FPA detector providing observation and target acquisition in several weather conditions. It has 320 × 256 high performance cooled detector and crisp thermal image with high resolution pixels. The long range thermal surveillance camera can be applied to secure borders with long range searching and detection. It's ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders working great through smoke, fog and total darkness where anything can't be hidden.

Splend IR Dual Sensor Thermal Surveillance Camera
The dual sensor thermal surveillance integrates a long wave thermal camera with a visual camera into seal and rugged shell perceiving clearly through smoke, fog, dust or total darkness with a 384×288 high performance uncooled detector. It's able to use various optional lenses according with different applications.