GUIDIR®IR600 Cooled Long Range Thermal Camera

With 600mm lens and intelligent program, IR600 provides unparalleled detection range performance and image quality. It is capable of providing fast situational awareness and target recognition with the wide, medium and narrow filed of view in one system. The rugged and sealed design enables this thermal camera to work under any harsh circumstances. IR600 is therefore, particularly suitable for long range coastal and border surveillance.

Features and Benefits of GUIDIR®IR600 Thermal Camera
  • 600mm lens ensure extremely long-range detection
  • Three fields of view optics satisfies multi-mission
  • Minimised size with folding optical system
  • Sky & ground enhancement mode ensures high quality image
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to be integrated into system

Technical Specifications of GUIDIR®IR600 Thermal Camera
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