New Product Announcement
The existing Guide Infrared IR518 Monocular series of Thermal Imaging Handheld cameras will shortly be released with some very exciting new enhanced features.
IR518EA – 160x120, 25mm, 50Hz
IR518EB – 384x288, 25mm, 50Hz
IR518EC – 384x288, 50mm, 50Hz 

The new features include:
1.      User adjustable colour palette, choice of 8 palettes, which can also be inverted including Black hot/White hot
2.      User adjustable on/off reticle, 3 styles
3.      User adjustable auto standby time setting, 4, 8, 15 & 20 minutes
4.      Energy Alarm for Auto Detection/Tracking of hot objects
5.      640x480 LCD screen viewer for higher definition, crisper, clearer images
6.      Extended eyepiece for better comfort when being used
7.      Selecting recording speed from 1IPS to 25IP real time video to removable SD card offering hours and hours of recording subject to recording speed
8.      The image will always be upright no matter the position the camera is held´╗┐

New Vision Optics Ltd at Security Twenty 13, 2-3 July, London
Security 2013 Photo2