Handheld Termal Imaging Cameras

The HandIR Range of hand held cameras have been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of individuals, security, law enforcement, military and coast guard whether it is for hunting, search and rescue, surveillance (Overt & Covert), monitoring.

GUIDIR®IR510 Monocular Handheld Thermal Imager
Guide Infrared has launched the new IR51o range of thermal cameras. Its small size, and ergonomic design allows you to scan vast areas for long periods of time without a fatigue. Built-in Li-on battery ensurers continuous operation for more than 8 hours. Only 305g and 15.8 cm long.

GUIDIR®IR518 Monocular Handheld Thermal Imager
With small size and light weight, IR518 series monocular handheld thermal imager is easy to carry and operate. It is design with compact hermetic structure that provides overall protection for IR518 series and endows them with excellent performance in water and shock resistance. Blank colour of IR518 IR thermal imager is optional.

GUIDIR®IR516 Binocular Handheld Thermal Imager
IR 516 is a small lightweight thermal imaging camera that is suitable for both day and night surveillance. Compact structure and well sealed housing enable this thermal imager to work under tough situation. IR516 is essential for public safety, police office and security operations.

GUIDIR®IR519 Monocular Handheld Thermal Imager
Our EasIR™-4 thermographic camera is designed for one hand operation. You can take and save a picture with one single button. With rugged shape and rubber protection, EasIR™-4 is more robust and shock-resistant than you expected. It could work even under the worst situation and is therefore ideal for technical diagnostics.

GUIDIR® IR529 Binocular Handheld Thermal Imager
Combining infrared camera, GPS, electronic compass, dual OLED viewfinders and the 140 mm long focus length lens, the IR529 binocular handheld thermal imager enables target observation in totally dark sky, land or sea over long distances when is connected with optional laser range finder. It provides accurately target direction and location

GUIDIR® IR 513 Multi-Functional Handheld Thermal Viewer
The IR513 multi-functional handheld thermal viewer combines infrared camera, GPS, laser range finder and electronic compass to locate targets in sky, land or sea. During the day it uses a visual light telescope and during the night infrared camera, being able to measure objects distance indicating its direction

GUIDIR® 300A Cooled Binocular Thermal Viewer
IR300, a 3rd generation cooled handheld thermal viewer, is a multifunctional binocular thermal imager. With large capacity battery that runs 3hrs continuously, it could either be used for long-time handheld monitoring or fixed monitoring. It is adept at range detection and therefore could be applied to police and other law enforcement agencies.

GUIDIR® IR110/210 Thermal Imaging Camera/CCTV
IR110/210 thermal imaging camera is a high-end IR camera that is designed with modular & flexible structure and high compatibility with a wide range of accessories. It could either work along or be attached to integrated projects. Besides, it could also be easily integrated into CCTV system.