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New Vision Optics Ltd was established as a distributor of Guide Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras and is able to provide a wide range of thermographic cameras, thermal viewers, thermal surveillance cameras, thermal imaging systems, thermal imaging modules, thermal goggles, lenses and blackbodies for a wide range of applications: perimeter security and monitoring, mobile patrols, search and rescue, driving aid, firefighting, etc.

New Vision Optics Ltd also supplies a wide range of night vision devices, illuminators, long range lenses, binoculars and other optical products.

Guide Infrared Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to researching and developing thermal cameras and are able to provide a wide range of thermographic cameras, thermal viewers, thermal surveillance cameras, thermal imaging modules, thermal imaging systems, thermal goggles, lens and blackbodies. Guide infrared cameras have been awarded the ISO9001: 2000 and GJB9001A quality certificate. The cameras are extremely popular, as they are used in the power, medical, fire fighting, public security, scientific research, construction, transportation and other industries.

Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras
The HandIR Range of hand held cameras have been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of individuals, security, law enforcement, military and coast guard whether it is for hunting, search and rescue, surveillance (Overt & Covert), monitoring.

Security and Surveillance Systems
Applications: Perimeter security monitoring, Industrial monitoring, Critical Infrastructures, Airports, ports & harbours, Forest fire prevention, Mobile patrols, Search and Rescue, Airborne , Maritime , Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Boarder & Coastal Protection, Drivers vision system, Modules, etc.

Thermography Systems
By obtaining target temperature information and presenting as high quality thermal image, infrared thermography camera provides an effective and accurate way for diagnosis of buildings and facilities, electrical facility and mechanical equipment. Guide, an IR camera manufacturer and supplier, comes with Infrared thermography cameras featuring ergonomic design, powerful onboard analysis functions and perfect post processing analysis. These thermal cameras could be applied for a wide range of applications.

Fire Fighting Systems
The Guide Infrared FireFitIR series of cameras have been designed and built to aid fire fighters work safely and effectively in the most dangerous and life saving of environments. Built using flame and heat protective material. It is ruggardised and proven in the field to be reliable and durable. The cameras can measure and display temperatures and alarms set on temperature thresholds which are tools that the fire fighters can take advantage of.

Navigation Assistance
Thermal imaging system is a powerful driver's vision enhancement tool which significantly reduces the risks of nighttime driving or driving in severe weather condition. It enables drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, presents as clear, crisp thermal images, allowing more time to react to any potential danger. Yachts and merchant ships need advanced technology equipments for better security guarantee during sailing or berth in a bay. Thermal imaging systems monitor what is happening, foresee what is going to happen. They give clear, vivid thermal image which is easy to understand. They are much easier to use than radars, but can complement the information you get from the radar screen.