IR2137 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera

The dual-FOV stationary thermal surveillance camera is used for WFOV for wide scope search and NFOV for target details recognition. It's applied to secure limits with long range searching and detection, ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders. The stationary thermal surveillance camera has 384 × 288 pixels high-resolution and 25μm uncooled FPA technology.

With system compatibility and easy operation, the stationary thermal surveillance camera works perfectly through smoke, fog and total darkness, with dual-FOV optical system makes that any shadiness or illegality can't hide. The stationary thermal surveillance camera has integrated image processing software with high reliability, is the perfect choice for border security and law enforcement.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy operation
  • Rugged and sealed
  • High performance electronics and optics
  • Powerful function and high reliability
  • Integrated image processing software
  • Easy to be integrated into system

Specifications of the Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera
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