Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd is a leading company in the design, manufacture and marketing of Infrared ThermalI Imaging Cameras and Systems. A wide range of thermographic cameras is available - thermal viewers, thermal surveillance cameras, thermal imaging modules, thermal imaging systems, thermal goggles, lens and blackbodies and are used in the power, medical, fire fighting, public security, scientific research, construction, transportation and other industries.

GUIDIR IR Monocular Handheld Thermal Imagers are compact and light weight, easy to carry and operate. It is preferred choice by law enforcement, hunters, mobile security patrols, military forces, maritime and for use with security teams on board vessels for anti-piracy.

Security and Surveillance Systems. Just like conventional TV cameras, there are various options of Thermal cameras to meet all requirements, applications and environments. There are IP and Analogue versions. ONVIF compatible. Static, Pan & Tilt and duel sensor options. Controls using standard protocols, such as Pelco P & D. Can be fully integrated with 3rd party systems and technology such as Analytics, Access Control, Radar, other sensor alarms systems to offer full situational awareness 24/7/365.

Thermography Systems. By obtaining target temperature information of the area of interest and presenting a high quality thermal image, infrared thermographic cameras provide an effective and accurate way for diagnosis tics of buildings and facilities, electrical facilities and mechanical equipment. Guide Infrarfed cameras have been designed to be relaible, robust with powerful onboard analysis functions and post processing analysis. Guide Infrared thermal cameras could be applied for a wide range of applications.

The Guide Infrared FireFitIR series of cameras have been designed and built to aid fire fighters work safely and effectively in the most dangerous and life saving of environments. Built using flame and heat protective material. It is ruggardised and proven in the field to be reliable and durable. The cameras can measure and display temperatures and alarms set on temperature thresholds which are tools that the fire fighters can take advantage of.

Navigation Assistance Cameras. Featured with sharp live imaging, extremely wide viewing range, N-Driver™ and N-Boat thermal cameras see through total darkness, thick smoke, dense fog, heavy rain and snow, reveal unexpected obstacles and improve visibility.

Thermcore-SIM Thermal Imaging Module. The SIM thermal imaging module series provides a crisp and clear high quality thermal image through its 384 x 288 pixels UFPA detector, further enhanced by advanced SIE Video Processing Algorithms technology. Various lenses can be used for digital zooming with high quality infrared image presentation. Based on the simple concept of a standard bloc camera module, the thermal imaging module has light weight, small size and standardised interfaces allowing for efficient integration in your surveillance systems or it can be customised user interface as well. It is suitable for the most challenging applications in every security fields with rugged design and its Delta-Temp alarm function.