GUIDIR®IR239 Stationary On-line Monitoring System

Integrated with high resolution detector and advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, IR239 stationary on-line monitoring system is specially designed for electrical predictive maintenance application. Featuring rugged housing, advanced image processing technology, and powerful analysis software, IR239 can offer 24/7 continuous non-contact temperature monitoring in rigorous environment. It is a cost saving equipment for daily inspection to bring down the accident frequency of transformer substations.

Applications of IR239
Continuous real-time monitoring on power equipment, such as the main transformer, GIS, high voltage switch cabinet in large substation; provide unmanned remote inspection to avoid accidents caused by failures or breakdown of the above-mentioned equipment.

Features and Benefits
1. Rugged and compact design
2. 24/7 continuous monitoring
3. Gigabit Ethernet interface for network
4. Intelligent control software

Technical Specifications of GUIDIR®IR239 Stationary On-line Monitoring System