Navigation Assistance Night Vision Systems

Accident statistics reveals that darkness is one of the major factors for fatal road accidents. Taken an average of 28% in all driving, 55% of all fatal accidents occur at night. Accident statistics also shows the collision accidents will decrease by 60% if drivers could react 0.5s earlier. 90% of a driver's reaction depends on his vision. Therefore, when the driver's vision is severely diminished by darkness at night or in dense fog, or heavy rain, his reaction is also severely diminished. As a result, it is much more dangerous to drive in night, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Thermal imaging system is a powerful driver's vision enhancement tool which significantly reduces the risks of nighttime driving. It enables drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, presents as clear, crisp thermal images, allowing more time to react to any potential danger. Driving at nights or in severe weather conditions is no longer a nightmare of drivers, but turn to an unprecedented pleasant journey.

Night vision system allows you to be:
1. No longer blinded by oncoming headlight
2. No longer terrorised by total darkness
3. No longer blocked by hidden road obstacles
4. No longer jeopardised by unexpected sudden hazards.

Yacht owners always treasure their yachts very much, especially those luxury models. Merchant ships are always very expensive, and always be threatened by pirate, natural calamities such as visibility, etc.

Both yachts and merchant ships need advanced technology equipments for better security guarantee during sailing or berth in a bay. Thermal imaging systems monitor what is happening, foresee what is going to happen. They give clear, vivid thermal image which is easy to understand. They are much easier to use than radars, but can complement the information you get from the radar screen.

Night vision system can be used for:
1. Increasing Safety and Security on Board
2. Night Time Navigation
3. Man Overboard Search
4. Short to Medium Range Threat Detection
5. Day Time Navigation

N-Driver™ Thermal Imaging Driving Assistant System
Featured with sharp live imaging, extremely wide viewing range, N-Driver™ thermal camera sees through total darkness, thick smoke, dense fog, heavy rain and snow, reveals unexpected obstacles, improves visibilities of road. It is designed for instant installation on any vehicles with high affordability and is the perfect choice of driving assistant vision system.

MarinIR™ Thermal Imaging Navigation Assistant System
The thermal imaging navigation assistant system detects floating objects, channel flow, vessels and piers. It's able to locate hidden vessels and objects neglected by sonar or radar system, even in dense fog, heavy rain, heavy snow or total darkness with its hermetically sealed structure. It is light weight and compact with advanced gyro-stabilisation.