IR 513 Multi-Functional Handheld Thermal Viewer

The IR513 multi-functional handheld thermal viewer combines infrared camera, GPS, laser range finder and electronic compass to locate targets in sky, land or sea. During the day it uses a visual light telescope and during the night infrared camera, being able to measure objects distance indicating its direction and location with accurately from far distance. The precise measuring results will be sent to command system via communication device by connecting it with preformed interface.

The multi-functional handheld thermal viewer can be used in total darkness or any bad visibility situation as well. It is suitable for moveable and steady applications. With 100 mm motorised lens allowing long range detection and recognition, the multi-functional handheld thermal viewer is ideal for police, suppressing smuggling, firefighting, law enforcement and costal surveillance.

Specifications of the Multi-Functional Handheld Thermal Viewer